West, Lane & Schlager: Commercial Real Estate
Managing Decisions
Is your board on-board?

For many organizations, concluding a real estate transaction involves the approvals of many players – staff, executive leadership, boards of directors, even your members.

Negotiating and brokering your transaction is the last thing we do – and the easiest one as well.  The first and most difficult thing we do is guide you through developing a detailed, strategic real estate plan, which will help your organization gain consensus on a specific direction.  Only through our proprietary approach to real estate planning will transparency and accountability be delivered to each key person and top-down approval be achieved.  Our “brokerage-last” model first delivers a written plan, reflecting a deep understanding of your organization and its goals but then, most importantly, our plan translates the many real estate nuances into a lucid action-oriented plan supported by important details and benchmarks.  Your leadership then has a clear real estate picture and will rest assured knowing that its decisions were based on accountable, transparent, long-term research, data and options. 

Best Practices in Managing Decisions

Listen as Kristen Conte, CFO of the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer foundation and winner of the 2007 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award discusses her experience with building consensus in a nonprofit atmosphere.

Case Studies

							Case Studies: Save the Children

Read how West, Lane & Schlager developed a long term real estate strategy for this leading independent organization, which involved two office locations and resulted in a long term real estate plan.

							Case Studies: Pew Research Center

Read how West, Lane & Schlager helped this nonpartisan think tank consolidate six existing leases and focus in one effective space to create a cohesive team.